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Adventure, Point-and-click

Gamemaker Studio 2



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TBA. We are currently working on the free demo


English (Russian and Brazilian Portuguese are in progress)


A pixel-art point-and-click adventure game about a conflicted medieval spy on an undercover mission.

Dissension is a story-driven adventure game heavily focused on character development. The gameplay consists of: interacting with characters and objects, exploring locations, solving casual inventory-based puzzles, integrated and dedicated simulative mini-games.

Take on the role of Eiren, a conflicted medieval spy, and embark on an undercover mission to become a part of a vile conspiracy. Explore a city deeply steeped in corruption, talk your unlikely allies into trusting you and use your wits to avoid exposure.


  • Thrilling story, heavily focused on characters and character development

  • A unique perspective of an undercover agent in a rival land.

  • The captivating atmosphere of medieval decadence

  • Gloomy medieval city steeped in corruption and its surroundings to explore

  • A wide cast of morally grey allies and foes to interact with

  • Simple yet charming mini-games and puzzles, adding to the narrative

  • Pumpkin, a horse companion with her own outlook on the situation

Story and Setting (stylized description)

It is rumoured to be the sole reason for His Highness Prince Bryden to be entrusted with the administration of the most remote and decadent city in the kingdom. 

The city of Kastra, or the Widow, was once the capital of Tyrnia. Now she is a pale shadow of her former self. Abandoned and almost of no interest to the Crown, she has fallen into the hands of local criminals who call themselves the Thieves Underground. Under their leadership, the corrupt city guards and the mysterious Church of Anar-Nehit, pilgrims from the far-southern deserts, control nearly every aspect of the city life.

Yet, even if the war has been over for half a century now, the patient and vile Ontorian Empire, just like a serpent that it bears on its banners, has prepared an even more cunning plan to seize neighbouring lands. 

Under the guise of a relative of a local impoverished nobleman, Eiren, one of the Imperial spies sent to Tyrnia, will become part of a dastardly conspiracy to take over the unaware kingdom.

In order to successfully execute her orders, Agent Eiren joins the Prince’s people and will have to play her part in the liberation of the city. Together with Gieden, a crafty captain of Bryden’s forces, she begins the investigation of a daring crime that has shaken an already fragile balance in Kastra. 

Eiren must act behind the backs of her unlikely allies, maintain their trust, and protect her true identity and motives at all costs. 

But, perhaps, the hardest challenge for her to face will lie in the battle with her conscience and in the necessity for coming to terms with her own tragic past.


Trailer in progress! It will be here very soon!


Magic mini-game
Magic mini-game

press to zoom
Investigation puzzle
Investigation puzzle

press to zoom

press to zoom
Magic mini-game
Magic mini-game

press to zoom

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About us:

We are a small team founded by a couple from different edges of the world.

We’ve got no prior experience in gamedev but hopefully, have enough determination to bring our passion project "Dissension" to life :)

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